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Birch Gold

Birch Gold Group Review

Best Precious Metals IRA Company for Conservatives, Minimum Investment, and Customer Support

Costs, Fees, Storage Options, BBB Ratings, Pros and Cons

Disclaimer: Precious Metals Investment Portfolio may receive compensation from many or all of the companies listed,  including Birch Gold. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers.

The best gold IRA company will differ from investor to investor based on your specific individual goals and needs.

Birch Gold Group remains the best gold IRA company for conservative retirees, low minimum investment, and customer support. To truly know if Birch Gold Group is right for you, we cover the following points:

  • Who Owns Birch Gold Group?
  • Birch Gold Group BBB Ratings
  • Is Birch Gold Group Legit?
  • How Does Birch Gold Group Work?
  • What are Birch Gold Fees & Investment  Minimums?
  • Birch Gold Storage  Options
  • Pros and Cons of Gold Investing with Birch Gold Group


Who Owns Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group BBB Ratings

Birch Gold Group is a gold and precious metals IRA investment company located in Burbank, California, and specializes in self-directed gold IRAs. Founded in 2003 by CEO Laith Alsarraf, Birch Gold holds an impressive and wide variety of IRA eligible gold and precious metals, including palladium and platinum investments. This sets Birch Gold Group apart from its competitors whose products are limited to gold and silver investments.

The company holds an A+ Plus rating from BBB, a Triple A rating from Business Consumer Alliance, as well as high marks from Trust Link, Trustpilot, and Google Business.

Is Birch Gold Group Legit?

Trusted Customer Service and Support

Birch Gold Group provides its customer’s retirement accounts with a broad range of IRA investment products, including both IRA rollover services and physical metals for personal investment. The company will guide you through the process and clear up any confusion along the way. Whether you'd like to buy gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, Birch Gold can expedite this process with ease and transparency.

Birch Gold’s self-directed IRA is a type of retirement account where the account holder makes the investment decisions, specifically where to invest and how much. You have more flexibility and control of your investment decisions than a conventional IRA. You are not restricted to the most common of assets such as stocks, bonds, CDs, and mutual funds. Birch Gold Group's aim is client empowerment.

To set up a new account with your personal funds, a wire process is available. For rolling over an existing account, a Precious Metals IRA custodian partnered with Birch Gold Group can assist in this process. Birch Gold Group works with custodian companies Equity Trust Company and Goldstar Trust Company.

Birch is made up of experienced professionals from high-profile companies such as Citigroup and IBM. Clients can be confident and assured that their gold IRA is being managed and backed by solid expertise.

precious metal investment


Minimum Investment: $10,000

Fees: Custodian fees may vary

Promotion: 1st year fees waived (over $50k accounts)

How Does Birch Gold Group Work?

IRA Rollovers

If you have an existing traditional or simple IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA,  401(k), 403(b), 457, or TSP plan, you can roll it into a Gold IRA. Your dedicated specialist at Birch Gold can provide you with information and even make recommendations based on your current situation and investment positions. Just specify which IRA eligible gold, silver, platinum, or palladium you want to invest in and how much money you want to invest and Birch will take care of the rest.

inflation and recession

Self-Directed Gold IRA

Secure your purchasing power against continuous dollar devaluation, protect your retirement, and diversify your hard-earned savings.
Birch Gold Group's self-directed gold IRA puts you in control and leverages a safe-haven approach with the reliability and stability precious metals provide.
platinum investments

Precious Metals Diversification.  Palladium and Platinum Investments.

Protect your hard-earned retirement wealth from inflation and economic uncertainty by investing outside of gold and silver. Birch Gold offers a broader selection of precious metals such as platinum and pallidum to better diversify your precious metal investments.

With similar histories to gold and silver, these two precious metals are still used heavily in industrial processes.


Physical Possession

Safeguard your savings against the unknown by taking direct possession of your gold and silver. Purchase the coins or bars you would like, and Birch will ship them to your front door, fully insured against loss or damage.

Shared Conservative Values - Why Retirees Trust and Choose Birch Gold Group

With an impressive group of partners and endorsements from Ben Shapiro, Ron Paul, and Hugh Hewitt, Birch Gold Group is a trusted Gold IRA investment company among conservative-minded investors who share common values and are looking to protect and grow their retirement savings.

Conservative retirees choose Gold IRA’s for the stability that precious metals provide and their long-term value. Since 1971, the US dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power while gold has remained stable over time. With an even wider array of precious metals offerings including platinum and palladium investments, Birch Gold provides greater buying opportunities than most of its competitors.

Understanding The Needs of Their Customers

Conservative Retirees and Educated Investors Trust Birch Gold Group to Secure and Protect Their Retirement Savings from Inflation and Economic Instability

Birch Gold understands the pains and concerns of retirees seeing their hard-earned retirement savings being eaten up by forces out of their control.

Birch Gold IRAs provide a hedge against dollar devaluation and protection from stock market volatility, geopolitical instability and weathering the inevitable cycles of inflation and recession. Whether it is a bear or a bull market, precious metals are the ideal asset to hold for portfolio diversification and retirement. Many retirees from numerous industries and professions have realized the benefits of investing in gold with Birch Gold Group.

Retirees. A typical gold IRA and precious metals investor
Electricians - Typical Gold IRA and Precious Metal Investors
welders - typical GOLD IRA and precious metals investor

What are Birch Gold Fees & Investment Minimums?

Investment Minimum



Initial Setup Fee - $50

Annual Maintenance Fee - $80

Annual Custodian Fee - $125

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Birch Gold

Birch Gold Storage Options

Precious Metals IRAs are valuable and should be treated as such, so it is important to utilize industry professionals to protect them. Birch Gold Group offers its clients two IRS-approved storage options for their precious metals held in an IRA. Birch works with Brinks Global Services and Delaware Depository.

Delaware Depository is widely recognized for its storage, security, and processing capabilities. Customers choosing to store their precious metals with the Delaware Depository have two facilities to pick from, one located in Wilmington, Delaware, and the other in Boulder City, Nevada. Both locations are rigorously fortified using cutting-edge security.

Brink's has a valued reputation in the bank security industry and is headquartered at a number of locations in major U.S. cities. When choosing  Brinks, most Birch Gold customers select from locations in New York City,  Salt Lake City, or Los Angeles. Brink’s also guarantees the secure transport of assets by air or by sea.

Both companies assume full liability for any loss or damage that occurs to your stored assets. You can trust that your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments will be safe and secure with Birch Gold's chosen partners.

IRA Rules Compliance

What Precious Metals Are IRA approved?

Trust that Birch Gold Group maintains strict compliance in accordance with IRS standards in the storage of your physical precious metals. Not all gold or silver pieces may be held in an IRA. Birch Gold will reliably guide you as to the best choices that meet these requirements.

Gold coins and bars are required to be at least 99.5% pure, and silver coins and bars must be at least 99.9% pure. However, the IRS code makes an exception in fineness for gold American Eagles which are well under the 99.5% pure standard.

Gold bullion bars should be fabricated by COMEX, NYMEX, or other ISO 9000-approved refiners. Proof gold coins should come in their original packaging accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Birch Gold Group’s wide selection of IRA-approved coins includes but is not limited to:

Gold Investments

  • American Gold Eagle (bullion)
  • American Gold Eagle (proof)
  • American Buffalo Coin
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Australian Nugget/Kangaroo Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Gold Twin Maples Coin
  • Gold Gyrfalcon Coin
  • Gold Rose Crown Guinea Coin
  • Gold Polar Bear and Cub Coin
  • Valcambi Combi Bars
  • A Variety of Gold Bars and Rounds

Silver Investments

  • American Silver Eagle (bullion)
  • American Silver Eagle (proof)
  • America the Beautiful Silver Series
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Mexican Libertad Coin
  • Silver Twin Maples Coin
  • Silver Gyrfalcon Coin
  • Silver Rose Crown Guinea Coin
  • Silver Polar Bear and Cub Coin
  • A Variety of Silver Bars and Rounds

Platinum Investments

  • American Platinum Eagle Coin
  • A Variety of Platinum Bars and Rounds

Palladium Investments

  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin
  • A Variety of Palladium Bars and Rounds

Pros and Cons of Gold Investing with Birch Gold Group


✓Ranked #1 for trusted customer service

✓Best for fee transparency

✓Platinum and palladium precious metals are available.

✓Wide range of gold IRAs with metals from around the world.

✓An excellent one-on-one process, where specialists explain gold investments.

✓You can also purchase precious metals for personal investment in addition to the IRA-approved coins


No overseas depository options

Some initial setup fees aren’t clearly displayed

Gold IRA Company Comparisons

Birch Gold Group vs. Other Gold IRA Companies

Augusta Precious Metals
  • Annual Fee: $180
  • Minimum Investment: $50,000
  • Promotion: See official site
  • Annual Fee: $225 - 250
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000 for direct transfers, $20,000 for IRA/401k rollovers
  • Promotion: 1st-year fees waived for qualifying IRAs
  • Annual Fee: $180
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Promotion:  Free Storage and custodian fees for the  first year

The Time is Now to Protect Your Retirement Wealth from Looming Inflation and Economic Instability with Gold and Silver

In the span of 15 years, the average US citizen has seen the continuous inflating of the money supply, volatile markets, the longest recession in history with another one looming, and an ongoing pandemic that stretched supply chains and put millions out of work.

Whether you are retired or a seasoned investor, people like you who have worked hard for years to build your assets are looking to safeguard and protect them with alternatives like precious metal investments.

With endorsements from leading conservatives such as Ron Paul, Hugh Hewitt, and Ben Shapiro, Birch Gold Group has remained one of the most established and trusted Precious Metal IRA companies in the industry. Conservative retirees and investors see the value of portfolio diversification through precious metals using self-directed IRAs or 401K rollovers as well as private ownership.

To get started with Birch Gold on building and protecting your retirement with precious metals, visit their official site to receive a free information guide by clicking the button below.


Birch Gold Group is the trusted choice for conservative retirees and investors. The company’s proven track record for sustained long-term relationships with its customers through the life of their physical precious metal portfolios makes up the bedrock of the company’s well-earned reputation.

Birch Gold Group’s mission and philosophy focus on a commitment to understanding your needs and finding the right fit for you. Their process is not cookie-cutter, but personalized. The company will advise you on the best choice at any point, whether it is in a bear market or the economy’s inevitable cycles of inflation and recession.

Their highly talented and experienced team will work with you to develop a custom financial plan that serves your long-term goals, and preferences. With the company’s wide range of precious metal offerings and investment products, you are sure to find the option that meets your needs. To get started, simply request a free kit here.

Birch Gold Group Testimonials

Eduard O - Yelp Reviews

Very Satisfied

"Very satisfied with my purchase from Birch Gold Group. Thanks to Sam and Susan. They were really patient in explaining to me how to transfer my 401K into a gold IRA. It took some time to move the money over into my new account, but Susan was excellent at keeping up to date on the status..."

Arthur S. - Yellow Pages Review


"I am very happy with the level of professionalism displayed by the staff at Birch Gold Group. Over the past few years, I have been watching my IRA lose value year over year and I finally decided I had to take control back from my stockbroker and do something.."


I wanted to buy some gold and silver...

"I wanted to buy some gold and silver and Birch Gold made it easy and fast. Nick was so helpful and was always available. Thank you Nick."

Sophia - Birch Gold Group Customer

The staff walked me through the process

"The staff walked me through the process. Did not even know the exact name of some companies, but the staff helped find where my 401Ks were and helped get them switched."

Joe Bridgeman

They made it go smoothly.

"They worked with me in spite of me dragging my feet and being indecisive at first. Once I was fully on board with the idea of rolling part of an IRA into precious metals, they made it easy from there."


Are Gold or Precious Metal IRAs a Good Investment?

The U.S. economy is becoming more and more unstable. Whether through mounting inflation, unsound monetary policy, government debt, supply chain shortages, an erratic stock market, unforeseen global pandemics, or geo-political instability, there is a number of reasons to be concerned about your investments.

Bear markets as well as cycles of inflation and recession will come and go. Precious metals like gold and silver can help you ride out rough times. Given their time-tested stability, one can clearly see the benefits of investing in gold and other precious metals.

Why Invest in Gold and Precious Metals and is a Precious Metal IRA a Good Idea?

If you are a retiree, a high net worth individual, or an average or serious investor, you know that having the lion’s share of your money and savings invested exclusively in stocks and bonds can open you up to risk.

As prices rise, gold, silver, and other precious metals investments are sound investments because they add an extra layer of protection against inflation and economic instability.

How Does A Precious Metal IRA work?

Stated simply, Precious Metals and Gold IRAs are a type of self-directed, tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account that contain physical gold or other approved precious metals rather than stocks.

You can roll over an existing IRA into a gold IRA, or open a new one through a reputable Precious Metals or Gold IRA company.

What Precious Metals Are IRA approved?

Precious Metal IRAs can invest in IRS-permitted and IRA eligible gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion and coins. Gold coins and bars are required to be at least 99.5% pure, and silver coins and bars must be at least 99.9% pure.


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Author, lifelong investor, and creator of PreciousMetalsInvestmentPortfolio.com.