Are Precious Metals A Good Investment Now?


Are you looking to protect your financial future in 2023? Investing in precious metals such as gold could be a wise choice.

Precious metals are a reliable hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty and ensure portfolio diversification and asset protection. Gold and silver are necessary assets in good or unfavorable economic times.

To get a better understanding of the benefits of precious metals investing, it is necessary to understand the following points:

  • Why is Gold Considered a Hedge Against Inflation
  • How Does Portfolio Diversification Reduce Risk
  • Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals
  • US PCE Inflation Expectations
  • Precious Metals Analysis

Why is Gold Considered a Hedge Against Inflation?

You may want to consider investing in gold in 2023, especially since inflation has been high and the economy isn't looking great right now.

Despite a steady decline in the CPI inflation number, also known as 'headline inflation', core inflation has remained stubborn and sticky. Also, dependent on your faith in these government-reported numbers, a better inflation indicator is your own day-to-day, month-to-month expenditures as a measuring stick.

The Personal Consumer Expenditures (PCE) index ranged from 6% to 7% in 2022, well above historical norms for the country. This is partially due to historic government spending during shutdowns, combined with a land war in Eastern Europe and lingering supply chain issues surrounding a resurgent Covid-19.

Gold can help protect against this economic downturn and its associated inflation by providing investors with a low-risk safe haven investment. Gold has historically outperformed other assets during times of inflation, making it an attractive choice for those who want to hedge against uncertain conditions.

Gold is also highly liquid, meaning it can be exchanged quickly for cash if necessary. Additionally, gold is a good way to ensure diversification within a portfolio which reduces risk exposure from more volatile investments like stocks or bonds.

Investing in gold should still be approached carefully as it's not the right move for everyone and should be based on individual financial goals. However, given current economic conditions and expected future inflation levels, increasing allocations toward gold could provide investors with much-needed stability amid turbulent times ahead.

How Does Portfolio Diversification Reduce Risk?

Diversifying your portfolio with gold can help balance out riskier assets, providing a cushion in times of economic uncertainty. Gold is often seen as a safe haven asset in times of market volatility and can act as an important hedge against inflation when prices are rising. In 2023, gold may offer investors better returns due to the current state of the economy and prevailing geopolitical conditions.

Gold is considered low-risk and has historically outperformed other currencies or investments during periods of high inflation. Additionally, it's highly liquid and can be exchanged quickly for cash if needed. Diversifying with gold also offers investors the opportunity to take advantage of price appreciation. Other investments such as stocks, bonds or real estate may not provide similar opportunities due to their illiquidity.

In addition to being a hedge against inflation, investing in precious metals can also provide diversification benefits by spreading out risk across different asset classes. Gold is also considered a safe haven asset that is highly liquid and can be exchanged quickly for cash if necessary.

By having different types of investments that are not correlated with each other, such as stocks and commodities like gold or silver, you can reduce downside risk while still having potential upside exposure during stock market downturns.

Gold's price stability also provides protection from economic shocks such as government spending or geopolitical events like wars or pandemics. For example, historic government spending combined with the land war in Eastern Europe led to an unstable economy that is unlikely to rebound soon. Investing some of your assets into gold can not only protect you from these fluctuations but also provide some level of financial security during difficult times.

Therefore, adding some form of precious metal investment into your portfolio could be beneficial both now and, in the future, given current economic conditions.

Choosing a Suitable and Trusted Gold Investment Company to Work With

Finding the right gold investment company can be daunting and requires time and resources. A gold IRA is a means of owning physical gold and ensuring your precious metals are safely secured.

Choosing the right gold IRA company will depend on one's unique investing needs. Depending on whether you are a high-net investor looking for the most competitive prices or require a lower investment minimum and affordable entry to the gold market, we have researched and reviewed our best 4 gold IRA and precious metal investment companies that meet those individual needs. In addition to a  gold IRA,  owning the physical gold in your place of residence is also an option. We have provided links to these companies at the bottom of this article for your convenience.

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Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in gold offers a number of benefits, from providing stability during uncertain times to offering liquidity and diversification in your portfolio.

One key benefit is the ability to hedge against inflation. As the Personal Consumer Expenditures (PCE) index ranged from 6% to 7% in 2022, gold can help protect your money from devaluation caused by high inflation.

Additionally, gold is considered a safe haven investment as it has historically outperformed other assets during times of economic uncertainty. Furthermore, gold can be exchanged quickly for cash if needed, making it useful for liquidity during recessions or bear markets.

Gold also provides diversification for your portfolio since its price does not move with stocks and bonds like other investments do. This means that if something happens to negatively affect the stock market or other asset class, your portfolio will remain balanced due to the presence of gold.

Gold also helps protect you against currency devaluation since its value is based on its demand rather than being tied to any particular country's currency.

In addition to these benefits, investing in gold offers an opportunity to increase returns while limiting risk compared with traditional equities and debt instruments. Although it may not be suitable for all investors due to its low return profile - typically lower than stocks and bonds – when used appropriately as part of an overall strategy, it can provide valuable protection against market volatility and inflationary pressures over time.

Augusta Precious Metals, as well as other gold IRA companies, offer those interested in learning more about investing in gold in 2023 a free information kit with detailed advice on how to get started. With this knowledge, investors can make an informed decision about whether allocating some capital towards gold makes sense given their financial goals and risk tolerance levels.

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US PCE Inflation Expectations

With inflation running high and the economy unlikely to rebound quickly, understanding how government spending and the Personal Consumer Expenditures (PCE) index affect investing in gold can help you make a smart decision for your portfolio.

Government stimulus during the pandemic shutdowns has caused an increase in public debt, which has in turn increased inflation rates. The PCE index ranged from 6% to 7% in 2022, well above historical norms for the country. This means that prices have been increasing rapidly as money is spread out more widely among consumers.

Gold is seen as a hedge against rising prices and can be used to diversify portfolios when other investments may not be performing well. Gold's ability to hold its value over time makes it an attractive asset even when other investments may be volatile or unpredictable.

As governments continue to pump money into their economies, investors are turning towards gold as a safe haven investment with less risk than stocks or real estate investments. Gold also offers liquidity during a recession since it can easily be exchanged for cash. It's important to note that while gold has historically outperformed during times of economic uncertainty, it is still not the right move for everyone and should only be considered based on one's financial goals.

It's clear that gold should be part of any investor's portfolio in 2023 given its price stability and high liquidity compared to other assets like stocks and bonds. While no single asset class will protect against all kinds of economic risks, including inflation, adding gold to your portfolio could provide some security against long-term market volatility as well as protection from unexpected events such as recessions or geopolitical tensions.

Experts suggest increasing allocations to gold now while inflation continues at higher-than-normal levels so that investors can benefit from this safe haven investment without taking on too much risk.

Precious Metals Analysis

CBS News recently reported on why investing in gold might be a wise choice for 2023. They indicate that it's a low-risk, safe haven asset that can provide financial security during uncertain times. The outlet notes that inflation has been high in 2022 and is expected to continue, making gold an attractive investment option. Gold can also help diversify portfolios by reducing exposure to riskier assets and minimizing the impact of any losses.

Economic variables and trends are fluid and change week-to-week and, lately day to day. Knowing the best precious metals to invest in at any point in time will depend on the present scarcity of the metal, industrial uses, institutional and retail investment levels as well as other factors.

Experts suggest increasing allocations to gold as government spending continues and the economy remains uncertain. Additionally, gold is highly liquid and can be exchanged quickly for cash if needed. The Personal Consumer Expenditures (PCE) index ranged from 6% to 7% in 2022, well above historical norms for the country. This could make it difficult for investors to keep up with rising costs of living without turning to alternative investments such as precious metals.

Furthermore, economic issues stemming from Covid-19 shutdowns combined with geopolitical tensions may weigh down stock markets and other investments. Thus, making gold an appealing way to safeguard against potential losses.

They also state that having some allocation towards precious metals can be beneficial as part of a diversified portfolio given its price stability and high liquidity amid current economic conditions.


Investing in precious metals is a smart choice for 2023. Inflation and economic uncertainty are making gold an attractive asset to add to your portfolio. Not only does it provide a hedge against inflation, but it also offers diversification strategies and low-risk investment opportunities.

Data from the PCE index and CBS News analysis support the idea that investing in gold may be beneficial this year. With these facts in mind, you can feel confident that investing in precious metals could help protect your financial future.

Historically, precious metals have served as wealth insurance during turbulent economic times. To learn more about silver and gold investing, see the links below to access the free investment guides from the best gold IRA and precious metals investment companies that we have thoroughly researched.

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Who holds the gold in a gold IRA?

Gold, and other such precious metals are to be stored and insured in an IRS-approved facility. Typically, a third-party company partnered with the Gold IRA company manages the IRS-approved depository

Before selecting a Gold IRA company, review the information about the storage facility options provided.

What is the minimum investment for a gold IRA?

Minimum investments will vary dependent on the gold IRA company you choose. It is incumbent that you take the requisite time to research the various providers for your specific precious metal investment strategy.

We have provided a list of reviews here of the top precious metal ira companies with a range of minimum investment amounts.


What are the fees for a gold IRA?

Minimum fees will also vary dependent on the gold IRA company you choose. Setup fees, annual fees, storage fees, and custodian fees are all subject to the discretion of the gold IRA company you choose.

Please see the list here of the best precious metals investment companies for buying gold in order to review the fees that apply.

What Precious Metals Are IRA approved?

Precious Metal IRAs can invest in IRS-eligible gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion and coins. The IRS maintains very specific regulations and requirements about the design, size, weight, and metal purity that determine which gold bars and coins can be held in a gold IRA or precious metals IRA.

Investment grade gold coins and bars are required to be at least 99.5% pure, and silver coins and bars must be at least 99.9% pure.


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