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BullionVault Review: Best Gold Bullion Company for Gold Trading and Serious, Private Investors

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BullionVault remains the best gold bullion investment company for gold trading and serious, private investment by providing access to the professional bullion market, wholesale bullion at lower prices, a platform for direct exchanges between investors, and the only online platform to buy or sell  24/7/365.

Access to The Professional Bullion Market

Bullion Vault

World's Largest  and Most Legitimate Online Bullion Market

BullionVault's goal is to make it easy for you to gain the benefits of owning physical gold or silver as well as buy or sell at your convenience at lower wholesale rates. Greater control and flexibility for you.

Established in 2005 and located in west London, the company holds over $3.7 billion of bullion and assets for more than 100,000 users making it the world's largest online investment gold service. Gold makes up $2.8 billion of this impressive figure - more than the gold reserves of most countries. The largest stock of privately-held bullion in the world. Trust is built into the name.

Wholesale Bullion at Lower Prices


BullionVault's Buying Process - Lowest Prices on the Market

BullionVault buys gold in the large bar, 400oz format that the professional market deals in and makes it available to buy and sell in one-gram increments or shares. BullionVault’s focus is to keep the Bullion in the wholesale form. That’s where it costs the least and sells for the most.

You own your bullion outright. It’s your legal property. BullionVault only deals in allocated gold, silver, platinum, and palladium – never unallocated.

A Platform for Direct Exchanges Between Investors.

How Does BullionVault Work?

Eliminate Risk and Safely Set Your Own Price

BullionVault’s provides peer-to-peer secure exchange of bullion assets. You choose your own price and compete in the market to find a buyer or seller who will accept that price.

BullionVault's professional delivery system gets you big savings. The company safely connects buyers and sellers from all over the world and they can all quote prices to each other when they wish to buy or sell. This price competition forces everyone, including BullionVault itself, to quote highly competitive prices. This makes BullionVault one of the best precious metal companies to invest in gold.

Only Online Platform to Buy or Sell  24/7/365.


The Order Board: BullionVault's Safe and Secure Trading Platform

With BullionVault's safe and secure online exchange platform, the company provides a level of convenience and control to investors unmatched in the precious metals industry.

Both parties can quote prices, so you can both save on dealing costs by cutting out the middleman. It is like a 'stock exchange' for physical gold and silver, with trading directly between sellers.

Investors have the freedom to securely conduct trades 24 hours a day at their convenience. A platform for the independently-minded investor.


Minimum Investment: no minimum trade size (except that the increment is in whole grams)

Account opening, Depositing Funds, Insurance: Free

Buying/Selling Fees: 0.50% - 0.05%

Storage: 0.12% - Gold , 0.48% - Silver, Platinum, or Palladium

Promotion: Buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Receive risk-free 1/8 oz silver (4g) to get you started.

Serious, Independent-Minded Investors Choose BullionVault to Buy Gold at Lower Prices

How Do I Buy from BullionVault?

Opening a BullionVault account is quick and easy. Fund your new account via bank transfer and buy your own gold, silver, platinum or palladium in less than 10 minutes as soon as your funds have cleared. If you have any issues with starting your account, phone, email and live chat services are available through Bullion Vault’s multilingual customer support center during office hours Monday through Friday.

Bullion Vault provides the ability to diversify one’s gold holdings outside of the domestic market at a very affordable price point. Further strengthening the precious metal investments that you may have acquired through an IRA or 401K rollover.

Security, Purity and Regulation?

Is Bullion Vault Allocated?

Bullion Vault precious metals is held fully allocated to Bullion Vault investors and users. The bullion is your legal, physical property. It is insured and stored in your choice of location.

Take advantage of wholesale storage rates and insurance. Insurance and storage is 0.12% per annum for gold. This is less than a third of the normal 0.4% charged as an annual management fee by most ETFs.

Is Bullion Vault Safe and Secure?

Your bullion is protected by BullionVault's vault operators' extensive physical security measures, and by externally underwritten insurance. As a full member of the London Bullion Market Association, Bullion Vault must use these vaults and stay independent of them. Clients can choose their preferred oversea or domestic storage location. Locations include London, Zurich, Singapore, New York or Toronto.

Bullion Vault’s ‘Daily Audit’ online app provides real-time verification that all assets are accounted for. It proves that your gold, silver, and currency are where they should be, in full every day. Ensuring security and peace of mind. All bullion is closely tracked and identifiable once it leaves the refiner and has never been through private ownership. This ensures purity.

What are Bullion Vault’s Fees & Minimums?


Dealing Commission

Storage and Insurance

Storage and Insurance

Funds Remittance


0.05% to 0.5%

0.12% per year

0.48% per year



Dependent on amount bought or sold

Gold holdings

Silver, Platimun, and palladium holdings

US and international transfers

Pros and Cons of Gold Investing with BullionVault


✓You can invest in the largest professional market of gold bullion at lower wholesale prices.

✓Leverages technology to lower the cost of bullion with increased security.

✓BullionVault is the only exchange platform in the world where you can buy or sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium 24/7.

✓Greater freedom and control over your investment through peer-to-peer buy and selling.

✓Greater security and variety of worldwide vaulting location options.

✓Diversification of your precious metals portfolio though private ownership.


✓The company does not specialize in IRA’s or IRA rollovers

The Time is Now to Protect Your Investments and Wealth from Looming Inflation and Economic Instability with Gold and Silver

In the span of 15 years, the average US citizen has seen the continuous inflating of the money supply, volatile markets, bank failures, the longest recession in history with another one possibly on the horizon, and an ongoing pandemic that stretched supply chains and put millions out of work. Government overreach into the private markets has also been a concern.

Whether you are retired or a high-earning investor, people like you who have worked hard for years to build your assets are looking to safeguard and protect them with alternatives like precious metal investments.

Winner of the Queen's Award for International Trade in 2013 and for Innovation in 2009, BullionVault remains one of the best precious metals investment companies to buy gold at low prices. Serious, independently-minded investors see the value of asset diversification through BullionVault gold and precious metals investments. Click here or the button below to go to BullionVault's official site to get started investing in the professional wholesale bullion market.


Bullion Vault is a great choice for serious, independent-minded gold investors.

  • Allows diversification of gold investments by providing a root to the serious private investor to the professional bullion markets. Making your investment in gold safer, cheaper, easier, and diversified.
  • Bullion Vault’s leading-edge technology allows you the quick and easy ability to purchase bullion at far more reasonable prices than standard domestic marketplaces.
  • BullionVault’s provides peer-to-peer secure exchange of bullion assets. You choose your own price and compete in the market to find a buyer or seller who will accept that price. A platform for the independently minded investor who wants 24/7 control of their precious metals investments.

Financial Times

Financial Times

"Dramatically cuts the cost of gold ownership."

Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph

"Highly successful online trading site for physical gold and silver...Overcame key technological hurdles to link securely an investor's name with his or her holding, stored in a vault in London, New York, Singapore..."

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

"An online gold market with vaults storing more gold than the central bank reserves of Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland and Qatar combined."

MSN Money

MSN Money

"It's easy to buy and sell small amounts, and you get the benefit of owning physical gold without the hassle of actually finding somewhere to store it."


Adam ONeill

Author, lifelong investor, and creator of PreciousMetalsInvestmentPortfolio.com